Scratchathon For Kids

A national enterprise for inspiring young minds and helping them discover the wonders of programming.

How to submit your game
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Submissions: We are so excited to see what you have come up with, please fill out this form to submit your wonderful games here! Thank you for all the time and effort you have dedicated into producing such amazing games! 🙂 IF YOU ARE IN A TEAM, please make sure that only ONE person fills

Free Workshops

Workshops We will be holding free workshops explaining how to create a game in scratch and tactics you can use in scratch. Collection game: August 16, 2021 – 4 to 5 PM Pacific Time Building game: August 17, 2021 – 4 to 5 PM Pacific Time Registration for Workshops:

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos: Video showing user control sprite Video of creating and switching costume Video for Sprite Rotation Video of collision Video variables and broadcasting (using these techniques to win and lose)

About the competition

This competition is for students aged 8 to 11 (3rd to 6th grade) and is an introduction to programming. The main purpose of this Scratchathon is to inspire young students to find a passion in programming and develop a skill that will be helpful throughout the rest of their schooling and future careers. We hope to inspire students and introduce them to the wonders of programming through team-building, innovation, and fun interaction!

In this competition, students will be assigned a specific theme that they will use to create a game through the programing language called scratch ( For more information, please click on the panel titled “Competition” above:

We provide free, engaging workshops to help students with producing games as well as instructional videos that explain how to use critical features in scratch.


Registration is Free! To register please fill out this form and you should receive an email with a confirmation of your submission.

Registration closes August 15th 2021

All Submission of games due August 20th 2021 before 11:59 PM

Winners will be announced on August 23rd 2021

Theme: Outer Space

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