About Us

Founder and President – Nandika Devarajan

Nandika is a rising 9th grader at Redmond High School (Redmond, WA). She has a passion for science and technology. She enrolled in a science competition called Science Olympiad and participated in an event called Game On. In this event, competitors would demonstrate knowledge in science using Scratch programming. She found an interest in programming and had won 2nd place in the Washington State Science Olympiad Competition. Now she strives to introduce basic programming to young students and help them find a passion in computers and programming at early age.

Director – Rithik Mohan

Rithik is a rising 9th grader at International Community School (Kirkland, WA) and has an interest in building PCs, coding, and robotics. This interest drove him into the wonders of robotics, sparking his journey to qualify for the VEX IQ Robotics Worlds Championship twice, in 2020 and 2022. He hopes to use his skills to teach the younger generations.